Spring is FINALLY here!

Spring is in full swing, and there are lots of brides-to-be out there getting ready to celebrate their special day.  And while most will be eating healthier to fit into the dress of their dreams, you may not be aware that the foods you eat do more than just affect your waistline.  Healthy, energy packed foods can also do wonders for luminously luscious skin and getting the glow you want for your wedding day.  Here […]

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Be in LOVE with yourself!

Looking in the mirror when we get up to start our day is something we all do.  Looking at our reflection each day gives us a glimpse at what we are outwardly projecting for the other people to see when they meet us.  Make-up, eyebrows, lips and hair – all the the things we do to make ourselves look presentable for general social interaction.  But do you ever really take time to reflect on ourselves […]

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Microneedling at Hello Smooth

If you just so happen to be “Keeping Up with” a certain family of social media savvy women, then you may have heard of one of their favorite treatments for helping their skin look so fresh and so clean.  It’s called Collagen Induction Therapy, or Microneedling a.k.a ‘The Vampire Facial’….and we have it here at Hello Smooth! Now we wouldn’t recommend a treatment to you just because it is endorsed by influencers on social media, […]

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Grab yo’self some ‘Lucky Charms’ at Hello Smooth! Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀

St. Patrick’s Day has a storied history here in America as a day of mirth and merriment, usually associated with consumption of alcoholic beverages (bonus points if those beverages are tinted green :).  And while we like to enjoy ourselves and indulge in the occasional festive treats, this time of year we generally are focused on the healing rejuvenation that springtime affords us all and getting ready for all the beautiful Spring and Summer days […]

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Achieve a Healthy Glow of your own!

Smooth, glowing skin is something all of us want but few of us have.  Seeing red carpet celebrities posting pictures on social media of bikini bods that look flawless and fresh often leave us wishing we could share their seemingly superhuman genetics and wondering what kind of deal they must have made with the devil to maintain such beautifully smooth skin. Although many have had secret (or not so secret) procedures and the luxury of […]

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